Up A Hill, Down a Hill


This year I vow to be prepared for the Montréal winter. Last year sucked because I thought I could get by just with my “usual” winter clothing which is really just “Vancouver” winter clothing. I know, I know – horrible. But let me explain. Most activities that I spend my time on is indoors – dancing, computerrrizzingg, photography. Heck even most of the public transportation here in Montréal is underground so you are actually sweating from your layered clothing when on the metro. Before bunkering down for the inevitable however, I took a week trip to the west coast with Myriam to get away from the daily grind and drink all the sweet caffeine nectar as our bellies could handle.

While I occasionally enjoy traveling to see new sights every now and then, on the whole I’m not a big outdoors fan. I’m a lot more comfortable being in front of a computer screen or in a studio than trekking up an hour or two up a mountain with the idea that I have to eventually trek back down. Actually now that I think about it even more, I think I just don’t like walking up inclines, probably because I have short legs.

One of my favourite photospreads that I have seen in the past year has been the instagram set of a photographer being led by his girlfriend around the world. It really did change the way I looked at my own photography because it was really about the idea rather than the execution. As I was walking through the tree bridges of Capilino in Northern Vancouver, I suddenly remembered that photoshoot and snuck it in quickly and didn’t think much about it. I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out.

The more I do photography the more I stop worrying about f-stops and lens selection but lately I have been feeling like I’m a bit stuck in my creative process. I think I need to get back to drawing board and come up with some new ideas instead of taking on the usual projects/gigs.

This trip wasn’t about that though. It was about climbing up and down mountains and just recharging my body and mind. I have a hard time getting away from it all sometimes but if there is a place in the world that I can always count on for that – it’s the pacific north west.



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