Class, Fundraiser, and Looking Right in Dublin

Dublin City Street

Gotta love Dublin. There’s so much drinking and dancing in such a small area that one can hardly sit still long enough to realize just how much euro one has really spent (fyi, it was a lot). I was able to fly to Dublin (albeit after a bit of stand-by ticket scare) and attend the Dublin Lindy Exchange to meet some dancers from across the Atlantic. Having never been to Herrang dance camp, it is such a great feeling to meet lindy hoppers from so many other countries in one location having the time of their lives. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about dancing in Europe. I have only ever danced in North America so I did not know if my dance style would mesh well with other dancers. I often get this feeling when out traveling to unfamiliar dance scenes. I always chalk it up to the “big dance pond” syndrome that I self-conscientiously get. The Dublin dancers were great however and were very hospitable from the moment we arrived to the Pillars Room to the very last dance of the weekend.

During the day when not out dancing, my traveling companion, Genevieve, and I did the tourist thing and visited the Guinness Factory tour, risked dismemberment by using the new city bike program, and met up with my good old Irish friend Laura. We also saw some traditional Irish dancing (crazy!) and even did some salsa dancing on the streets (what?) near O’Donnell bridge. Being only there really for three days, I feel that I need to come back at least two or three more times to really feel like I’ve “visited” Dublin. I guess I’ll just have to put it back on the list :-)

Dublin Lindy Exchange

In other dance related news, here are two quick events that I am putting on in Toronto:

Teaching A Class Series

In Toronto news, I will be teaching a beginners Lindy Hop class every Tuesday at Dovercourt House starting next week (September 22nd). I’m very excited to have to opportunity to teach this class in Toronto so hopefully it goes well.

Fund Raiser for Hamfats’ Blues Team

The past month or so, I started up a Blues Dance Team to work on some more advance blues dance concepts that I can’t work on the dance floor as well as to compete in the North Star Blues Exchange. We are holding a fundraiser to get us to Minnesota.

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