Sweet Molasses and Boston NOMNOMNOM


I had the great opportunity to head on down to Boston for the Sweet Molasses blues weekend last week and had a smokin’ good time. I made a decision to not do the workshops this time around and just eat my way around the city and some of the highlights include:

  • Lobsters rolls! They were a bit expensive ($20-30) but oh my were they ever so amazing.
  • Lobster in everything!
  • Spilling spicy cajun sauce (from a mussels dish) all over my shirt and shorts.
  • Lobster macaroni and cheese… a mountain of cheese.
  • Late night chinese food (haha yes I know) after the loft parties.
  • I was a bit disappointed in the coffee in the city with the exception of The Thinking Cup but that’s because they use Stumptown’s coffee beans so it was a bit of the familiar.

    I highly recommend eating around this fantastic city but not if you are budget conscience traveller. You’re just not going to be able to enjoy seafood here without dropping some dime.

    Click on the jump link below for actual dance event pondering…

    As for the event itself, what blew my mind away was the Sunday night band Amy Kucharik & Friends (With Benefits). Amy and her band really reminded me of the Asylum Street Spankers crossed over with Meschiya Lake with some intimate knowledge of blues dancers, which culminated into some really great moments during the dance. There is nothing better when a band is really in tune with the dance crowd and for me, that night was worth the price of the admission of the entire weekend.

    For dancy dancy stuff, I ended up placing in second in the expert Jack & Jills with Natalia from Boston (formerly of Toronto). The finals were held in someone’s loft and was so hot inside that the fire alarm was set off a couple of times (awww yahh blues dancing). Check out the vids below:

    I was also really impressed by the New York city group performance “The Cost” for some really interesting ideas and obviously great dancing:

    Sweet Molasses 2013 – The Cost (from NY) from Hamfats.ca on Vimeo.

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