Upcoming Blues Dances in Toronto

One of the ways to “legitimize” the blues scene that is rapidly growing in Toronto is to have blues-centric dances as opposed to having “blues” music (and I use that loosely) at end of a swing night. Luckily for us, Toronto is going buck-wild like a prodigy child about blues dancing and there is a bunch of opportunities for dancing! (Please Note: these photos were not taken in Toronto)

Yonge & Bloor Blues

Although we do not have a regular schedule yet (for example the first friday of the month), we are having our second event this upcoming Friday. We had a GREAT turn out for the first event and like I said in my previous blog post, it’s mostly new people which is encouraging in developing an actual blues scene.

  • Friday March 5 – Yonge & Bloor Blues featuring DJ’s Kevin Temple (Kingston), Joe Lim (Waterloo), and Adi Ze (Toronto). 765B Yonge Street (above Starbucks).

After our successful first blues dance event, “The Mooche”, Yonge & Bloor Blues presents our second event on March 05, 2010. Going back to the roots, “The Juke Joint”, will focus on of what makes blues dancing great: more hot blues DJs playing great tracks and more great feeling blues dancing with new and experienced dancers.

Dovercourt House Blues

Friday Night Live Band Blues at the Dovercourt House. There are some upcoming great blues bands that will be playing for us dancers at the Dovercourt House. I am especially excited about the Douglas Watson R & B Review (I heard them last year in Ottawa, great stuff).

  • Friday March 12 – Tyler Yarema Trio (vocals, keyboard, drums, upright bass)! Dovercourt House.
  • Friday March 26 – Johnny Max Band! Dovercourt House.
  • Saturday April 10 – Douglas Watson R & B Review!

Friday Night Live Band Blues & Swing happens most second, fourth and fifth Fridays at Dovercourt House starting in March, and featuring excellent live bands and blues dance lessons! Friday Night Yonge and Bloor Blues starting in March happens most first and third Fridays featuring an excellent blues dance class and a DJ’d Dance!

Sunday “Swing and Blues” at the Imperial Pub

It’s a bit on the low turnout side (don’t shoot me I’m just writing what I saw) but there is DJ’d blues and swing music every Sunday night at the Imperial Pub @ 54 Dundas St. E. Free cover = win win.

There’s a new weekly dance in town! Every Sunday night come out to The Imperial Pub and Library to dance to the best DJ’d blues and swing music in Toronto. Brought to you by The Swing and Tap Academy of Toronto, the inaugural night of “Swing and Blues Sundays” is this Sunday, January 10th, 2010! Cheap drinks, great music, good food and best of all – the dance is FREE!


  1. Ooh, really?? Another reason for Dovercourt to be my Happy Place? Haha… Exciting! :D

  2. Joannie

    I’m tempted to come to Toronto for a weekend of blues dancing, checking out this new scene ;)

  3. @Danielle haha yah I hear yah. Dovercourt is pretty awesome.

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