(re)Building a Blues Scene – Part 2

Dancing blues in Toronto

Had a great turn out at the first Yonge and Bloor Blues event and you could say it was a bit of success. We had about sixty to seventy people throughout the course of the event. This by itself is not a lot of people compared to our local lindy hop saturday night dance (which tops over a hundred guests) but we were pleasantly surprised by the turn out.

What I was really most ecstatic about was the fact that the majority of people came out to Kevin and Brooke’s drop-in beginner blues class and stuck around for the dancing. New people being introduced to blues dancing from the beginning instead of being an after band dance at Dovercourt or at the pubs. Wowzee crazee?

A couple quick thoughts I had about the event though:

  1. Organizing is hard work. Lots of work goes behind the scenes just to put on a very “simple social”.
  2. Getting the right mood with the music selection is a lot harder than it seems (need to find/grow more blues DJs in our scene).
  3. People will ask a lot of questions about blues dancing and about the event. Be prepared to spend time chatting with new dancers and doing a bit of educating.

Overall, I’m glad the first event was “successful”. However, success is a double edged sword. If the event had not gone well or if nobody showed up, we could have just dusted off our hands and said, “well at least we tried, time to move on to something else” (like dancing). Now we actually have to follow-up and host another one.

More to come later.

Toronto Blues Website

I started a blogroll (mainly for myself), to keep track of the new blues events/happenings going around in Toronto. Semi useful information and a few songs now and then.

Check it out: http://torontobluesdance.com


  1. Terra

    first of all, love the pics!!
    second, glad that your first event went well.
    ill be there for your next one and even though I am a blues skeptic, maybe this event will help convince me. :) either way, see you soon on the dance floor.

  2. I’m so, so glad you guys decided to hold that event! Really, without people like you putting in the time and effort to organize things like this — especially when the scene is still small, as you say — there would be far fewer social dancers around, in *any* style. The desire to share and spread something you love is an awesome thing; I hope all your hard work ends up being rewarding enough to make you want to keep at it. :]

    Can’t wait til the next social! See you there! :D

  3. :D Hope to see you both at the next blues dance.

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