New Rhythm in the TDot

Coming back from the lindy hop mini workshop that Alcina Chiu and I taught at UWO, we were treated to a FANTASMICAL band at Dovercourt, Patrick Tevlin’s New Orleans Rhythm.

Toronto dance organizers, take his name and band contact information down because that’s the SOUND that we want to HEAR so we can SWING. I was so pumped during the dance that at one point I just stopped dancing, with my always game follow (Marika), and just hollered back encouragement and madly stamped in front of the band stage.

Here is a video of the band playing a slow tempo Tuxedo Junction (shim sham). Video embedded from Arthur Lulu‘s site:


  1. He was using his hand as a mute! That, sir, is badass :)
    When is the next time they are playing in Toronto? I’d consider coming down just to hear them live!

  2. Tien

    Damn shame that I missed out on this band. Bria is out here in Vancouver though.

  3. Yes x 10000
    They need to come back.

  4. Damn straight. If we voice enough enthusiasm, they’ll be be back for sure :)

  5. @Bill I’ll keep an ear out. Hopefully maybe the organizers of the Toronto Lindy Exchange will pick them up for the fall. :)

  6. Ann

    That’s probably the swinging-est version of Tuxedo Junction I’ve ever heard.

  7. ain’t it!

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