Kevin’s Bash

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On Friday February 6, 2009, the Toronto Swing Scene came together for our asian brother Kevin and his awesome (and very sweet) wife NaYoung who is battling Lymphoma (a form of cancer). There was a performance provided by Hogtown Swing, music by the Gordon Webster trio featuring Bradley Harder and local lindyhopper Alisha Ruiss, a raffle with great prizes like passes to Stompology, Kingston Lindy Exchange, Ottawa Lindy Bomb and a Reservoir Lounge gift basket as well as a bake sale with lots of tasty treats made by members of the Lindy community.

For those who have not met Kevin… Lana Luba, has this to say about him:

…Kevin has shown me what it is to be a true friend. His selfless yet uncanny character has been the basis of our friendship. Through our Martial Arts Training, we both learnt the “Code of Ethics” which states that “One should always be there for his brother”. I feel now is the right time to be there for him and let him know that I care, and that all his friends and acquaintances feel the same way… -Lana Luba

At the end of the night, this is what the community it should always be about, growing and striving to be something better because of their shared passion for the music, the dance, and the people within it.

It was a rocking good time and if you weren’t there, you missed out! Since pictures (and videos) can say a thousand words, just take a look below.


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  1. Alisha

    I’m soooo happy I made it out to this!

  2. Tien

    @Alisha I’m glad you made it out to this! Awesome job singing it’s been too long since I’ve heard you.

  3. Kevin Sue

    Wow – those are some great pictures!

    Props to everybody who came out, and the people who helped make this event happen!

  4. Alisha

    Thanks for linking to my myspace…I’ll have to do some new recordings soon!

  5. I have to say, these are really great pictures, pet. Did you take them yourself?

    I think another reason why social dancing is so alluring to me, is the fact that it’s such a great excuse to get dressed up ^_^

  6. Tien

    @Muran Yeah I took the majority of the photos for this event. It’s really fun to just get together and have a reason to go out dancing!

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