Canadian Swing Championships 2014 Videos

I was able to film a bunch of routines and finals when I wasn’t out there myself competing. Check them out here:

BluesSHOUT! 2014 Videos

Just recently returned from the awesome trip, nay, pilgrimage to BluesSHOUT! and all I can think about is how fast I can post these awesome videos that I’ve been watching on loop on the flight home! Check them out below:

BluesSHOUT! 2014 – Strictly Invitational from on Vimeo.

BluesSHOUT 2014! – Solo Cuttin’ from on Vimeo.

BluesSHOUT 2014! – J&J Invitational from on Vimeo.

MBB 2014 Performances

Woot! You might have already seen them online but check out the videos of our performances for Montréal Bagel and Blues. What a fantastic group of dancers and a fun spring learning and drinking with these fine folks. We even had two dancers from Toronto come up and learn the choreography with us (shout-outs to Kevin and Kathleen!).

Black & Tan Fantasy – MBB 2014 from on Vimeo.

Black Rattler – Swing Connexion Blues Troupe Spring 2014 from on Vimeo.

As always, we are always looking for new dancers for our next projects. If solo dancing or partnered blues is something that you want to do, give us a shout at:

Words for Lindy Hoppers – Seattle edition

Written by Tien Le – Oh internets. You surprise me sometimes, especially when all y’all find the stuff that we store on Vimeo. More surprising is that sometimes what we do sends to resonate with others and then it goes EVERYWHERE before we even realize it.

One day after uploading my Kelly Porter “Words for Lindy Hoppers” video, I get a message that goes like this:

Randy: Your Kelly Porter Words for Lindy Hopper video is getting lots of airplay in random places.
Me: Really?
Randy: Yep.
Me: WHO RANDOMLY VIEWS OUR STUFF?!? Especially on Vimeo. Seriously, we have no cat videos. None whatsoever.

Anywhos, it is really inspiring to have people actively following us on all our social media channels. We started this site to continuously inspire ourselves and to capture the moments that take place around us in our dance journey. My Words for Lindy Hoppers project started because I wanted to capture a few words from Steven Mitchell and Virginie Jensen to keep the Toronto dancers inspired after an amazing workshop weekend. Through time, I have refined the video asking just one question, “If you had one thing you have to say to all Lindy Hoppers, what would it be?…and GO!” *starts filming*  It is so much fun to be able to film these videos and everyone’s answers always makes me laugh or feel inspired hence the “awesome” or laughter before the clip ends.

Stay tuned! I have a few more videos that I’ve been procrastinating on, but I can’t wait to put them up for you. I’ll do so soon, and the project is far from complete!

When Kelly Porter’s video went viral in the community, I had uploaded a few videos from my time in Seattle at “The Classics Vintage Dance Workshops” (2012) and haven’t had a chance to put them up on this site yet. If you haven’t seen them, above is Kelly Porter’s video, and the rest can be found below:

– Tien

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Swing Connexion Cabaret Performance


I am incredibly proud of having the cabaret performance troupe run by Myriam Baril and myself having come in first place at this year’s CSC cabaret division. It was quite a bit different style of cabaret than the “usual cabaret” of CSC so we came into the competition without any expectation. A lot of the movements in the choreography had our personality stamp on it so it is a great feeling to be acknowledged for the ideas we pieced together.

Doing this choreography has really been a great experience in trying to meld in some traditional jazz steps with more contemporary movements. The next one I think will be even better… so keep your eyes peeled for the audition announcement at the end of summer.

Special thanks to Maryse Lebeau of Swing Connexion for the original concept and involving us in the project to start with.

Our CSC performance:

Our first run-through performance at the Rialto:

Cats Corner Blues Troupe Performance – Winter 2013



The second iteration of having a blues troupe in Montréal concluded with a performance in Montreal’s own event – Bagels and Blues. I really felt like the team gelled well together this time around but we certainly had some challenges that we had to deal with – troupe members missing practices, complications with the formations and technique, and even having one person drop out of the team two weeks before the event. I had to fill in that missing slot and admittedly I was probably the worst one there heh.

In any case I still had a great time teaching the group and I think the end product was pretty enjoyable to perform.

– Randy

Performance at Montreal Bagel and Blues:

Same on the night before at Cats Corner: