Sweet Substitute Video

It Don’t Mean a Thing – Sweet Substitute from Hamfats.ca on Vimeo.

This is a fun little routine that I did with Zack for the Swing Connexion show, “Swing du Businessman”. Dancing to live music is always better than dancing to DJ’ed music… ten times more when performing. <3 Dancing starts somewhere in the middle of the video haha (there's a little skit before the actual dancing).

I already posted various versions of this routine but this one I think is my favourite.

It Don’t Mean a Thing – Hobo Routine from Hamfats.ca on Vimeo.

It Don’t Mean A Thing… If It Ain’t Got That Swing!


Dans It Don’t Mean A Thing, découvrez les danses et la comédie muette des années 20 à travers l’histoire rocambolesque d’un commis de bureau étourdi qui tente désespérément de livrer un paquet à la bonne destination.

À travers cette entreprise en apparences simple, il rencontrera un gendarme amoureux; une patronne minuscule mais pas commode; une voyageuse à l’esprit large; un inventeur farfelu… Et bien d’autres personnages qui transformeront son voyage en aventure jazzée!

Mariant avec bonheur deux grands arts du début du XXe siècle – les danses jazz et les comédies muettes – It Don’t Mean A Thing vous fera sourire et vous étonnera. Avec la musique live du Early Jazz Band et la danse des champions de Swing ConneXion, dans un espace magnifique comme le Rialto, ce spectacle promet d’être absolument enchanteur!

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/664600013565698/

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Discover the dances and silent comedy of the Roaring Twenties in “It Don’t Mean A Thing”, the crazy story of a clumsy office clerk who’s trying to get a package to its rightful owner.

Throughout this seemingly simple entreprise, he’ll meet a policeman in love; a boss who’s as little as she is mean; a traveler with a generous soul; a colorful inventor… And many other characters that will transform his trip into a dancing, jazzy adventure!

Efficiently blending two great arts of the 20th century – jazz dance and silent comedy – It Don’t Mean A Thing will make you laugh and gasp in astonishment. With the live music of the Early Jazz Band and the dancing of the Swing ConneXion international champions, in a place as beautiful as the Rialto Theater, this show promises to be one of the best you’ll see this year.

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/664600013565698/

Swing Du Businessman Available for Download


Our entire show is available for download with some great close-ups and in-show filming. There is a drinking game for the show… try to figure out what it is ;-) har har.

You can download the entire show for a super low price of $5 here: http://show.swingconnexion.com/buy.php

About the show – In the Swing du Businessman, discover the dances of the Roaring Twenties. A preoccupied businessman finds solace in a universe where jazz dances reign as kings: acrobatics, Charleston, Lindy Hop and Swing and more will dazzle you in this hour-long show! The Swing du Businessman is an homage to jazz and swing dances, of course, but also to silent films of the 20s and 30s, and to the comical genius of legends such as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

About the venue – A former movie theater built during the 1920s, the Rialto Theater is the ideal place to get back to the Roaring Twenties!