Swing A Dance 2014 Pro-Am


One of the highlights for me as a participant at Swing A Dance this year was the pro-am finals. The idea behind the pro-am jack and jill is that the amateur is randomly paired up with a superhero/heroine professional and each amateur gets a full spotlight to showcase their stuff. I’m actually pretty jealous that this competition format wasn’t around when I coming up in “the lindy hop” because I think I would have had a blast.

Check out the video below for some sweet amateurs… heh.

Swing A Dance 2014 Pro-Am Finals from Hamfats.ca on Vimeo.

Shake That… Porto Swing

This is one of our little choreography routine to Mora’s Modern Rhythmists’ version of “Shake that Thing” we taught at our solo jazz class in Quebec City/Porto Swing last weekend. Because we only had one hour for the class, Myriam and I wanted to work on similar structure of moves (in this case, fall off the log’ISH variations) instead of overloading them with a lot of “moves”. What is always fun for me as a teacher is to try to get my students to trust their body so they can focus on the great aspects of solo dancing – being silly, having fun, and of course flailing your arms around.

Shake That… Porto Swing – Class Recap from Hamfats.ca on Vimeo.

Now with the rest of the class!

Shake That… Porto Swing! from Hamfats.ca on Vimeo.

Thanks so much Lionel Mauvais for inviting us and making us feel so welcomed, even with my very poor francais.

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Jo Hoffberg

It’s no Montreal, but I have to admit, Quebec City was a fun and delicious city. The only beef I had was that the entire event felt like a sales pitch for me to learn swing dancing. Well, I’m already sold on that so you don’t need to try to up-sell me to a large drink at every opportunity. The plus side, the beef poutine I had was crazy awesome.

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