The Showdown – Lindy Bout Round IV

Oh man, Lindy Bout Round 4 was a blast! It was great to see familiar faces from Toronto (Alcina, Geoff, and Stephanie), meet + dance with folks from Calgary, Seattle and Vancouver and to watch and record most of the competitions during the weekend.

Thank you to all the organizers (Lucy, Eileen and Stephanie) who put in the work for this event and made it a great time, as well as the volunteers! Check out the photos I was able to capture above and videos will come soon!

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The Weigh-In – Lindybout Round IV

Some of you folks may remember about a year ago, while Hamfats was in it’s infancy, Randy had a chance to compete and capture the moments at Lindy Bout 3.

As for myself, I have never attended any past Lindy Bouts so I am PUMPED for tomorrow as it is the start of Lindy Bout 4! While I will not be participating in the competitions this year (I wish I could!), I will be there taking shots and recording the action this weekend. Once again thanks to Kane, a Vancouver dancer and organizer.

As you may remember, Kane gave me the opportunity to shoot for a day during Rhythm City Mess Around using his equipment, a Nikon D70, an older but still reliable workhorse.

I am also glad to say that there will be two Torontoians at the event; Stephanie Taylor, a transplant in Toronto from Vancouver (also a key organizer for Lindy Bout) and Alcina Chiu who flew out for the weekend to dance and compete. Cheer her on and stay tuned! I will hopefully get some photos out as the weekend commences.