The One Ring

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to have been asked to teach a blues dance lesson at the QSC 10 Year Anniversary party. I always have a healthy bit of skepticism when events ask me to teach because there are so many great instructors in the eastern Canadian cities of Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa but any chance to influence how university dancers perceive a dance is always a worthwhile endeavor. I’m a bit of a square when it comes to dancing so I prefer a non-molesting dance approach (heh) and if organizers want to fund my Gam Ja Tang addiction, who am I to argue.

I was messing around with my new ring flash for this event (just a cheapo plastic one). The ring flash softens the light around the subject creating this neat little halo-cutout effect that’s a bajiliion times better than shooting with the flash straight on. Unfortunately, if a subject wears glasses, you can very clearly see the ring of flash reflecting off their lenses and completely blocking their eyes! D’oh! Now I know for next time.

Thanks to Alice for inviting myself and Genevieve for teaching with me last minute and Kevin “Fats” Temple for hosting us Toronto-folk and just being his lovable Fats self. I wish I had gotten a video of him and Kathleen blues dancing so hard that no-one else even got up to dance and instead just watched the entire time. The best part was when the dance floor was made of ice… don’t know what I’m talking about? Attend next year…

The Pleasure of Not Organizing

I have this need to constantly compartmentalize my life into blocks of time and ideally blocks of productive time. It’s sick, I know, but it helps me get shit done. Every once in a while though, I’ll accept gigs/events and know absolute nothing about the actual event and trust my handsome friends to take care of everything. Let someone else worry about the ‘deets and, “just point me in the dance direction.”

Some benefits of not having to plan everything is that I can actually spend time taking photos and dance geeking out with my friends at these events. Usually at the end of these events, I always promise myself to come back to the basics – dance more, meet more people, have more fun. This summer, with my travel schedule being erratic and the classes/events that I am running actually being semi successful (no way I know!), I find that I am not doing as much “hands-on” dance related activities as I should be doing. So that is what I’ll be doing again for the rest of this summer – training, practicing, learning, sharing. Time to get my hands dirty again. ;-)