Do Things, Tell People

Do things, tell people. I saw this posted all around the walls of Shopify ( Headquarters in Ottawa the other day. What a great little mantra to keep in your head. You do something that you like doing and just let people know about it.

Some people might think it’s neat and cool while others will simply smile politely and nod. Slowly and surely however, your name starts getting thrown around for that thing that you do and opportunities for paying gigs start opening up (*fingers crossed, knock on wood*).

We live in such unique time period that’s perfect for vagabonding – traveling is cheap if you know what to look for and internet access is never hard to come by. With a hobby that allows us to meet so many people in such a short period of time, we should all be telling people about the neat things we are doing. Without being an ass about it of course ;-).

Sometimes You Gotta Get Messy

Tien is here in Toronto for the week for work and we’ve been geeking out on our old photos and analyzing the way we have been learning photography – which more or less has been trial by fire. One of my goals in the next coming while is to actually curate the photos that we have taken and actually make a nice viewable and breathable page out of it rather than a cluster of photos all together. With that in mind, I have remove the photo section of this site so Tien and I can get our hands dirty in the next month or so and pretty much go through our bazillion on edited photos and try to find some decent ones to showcase. This is gonna suck (read: time suck) but sometimes you gotta get make a mess to motivate yourself to actually clean it up.

Oh ya, I’m moving to Montreal at the end of the month so expect some fun debauchery en francais soon!



Why BluesSHOUT! is THE most important blues event right now

Don and Tina teaching at BluesShout

Last year was the year that I started venturing out to blues exchanges and workshop weekends. Last year was also the year where I decided that “this dance” was a dance that I’m actually really enjoying being a part of, and it was probably time to learn it. I have always liked dancing to blues music, whether at a house party or at a pub, but I have always considered it more of a side hobby – something to do when I need a break from lindy hop/salsa/hip hop. What a difference a year makes.

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5 Funk / Soul Videos to Steal Moves From

No matter how great solo movements that I pick up from afro-cuban, mambo, jass, and blues are, I always try to bring it all back my all-time favourite – funk (locking) and soul. To be honest, I have been neglecting training/practicing/geeking out this year, and its churnin’ me up inside. This upcoming summer however, as the classes and traveling start to wind down, I’m coming back home. Cuz it ain’t nothing but a chicken wing without soul.

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