Preview: Rhythm City Mess Around 2012 – Todd Yannacone & Nina Gilkenson | Andrew Thigpen & Karen Turman

One of the worst things about the winter is the viral bugs floating around. I swear this winter, half of Vancouver population was infected by a super cold virus, and being dancers it’s a wonder how we even remain healthy throughout the year. I predict, we’ll be the one of the first wave of infections when the Zombie Apocalypse takes hold; but I digress.

The one good thing about having a cold is that it forces me to sit back when volunteering for workshops and really focus on taking photos of the event, and boy is it great to hold on to a Nikon D90 once again. Yippee! This time though, I had a manual prime 8mm f3.5 fisheye lens to play with throughout the weekend. From the photos you will see the fun times I had with it. On one hand, the fisheye lens was a breeze to use, point then click, great photo — most of the time. The trickiness about the fisheye is that the field of view is so large, I have to consider so many factors in the way I shoot, other than the distortion.

  • My off-camera flash arm cannot be too far forward
  • Bending my body forward at the hips to avoid my own feet in portrait photos
  • Where the ceiling-bounce flash hits as the area will show up in photos
  • Distance from the subject (you really need to be super close to negate the depth you get in a fisheye)

The results are worth the effort trying to keep track and learn all the tricks on the fly. The next thing I will need to focus on, is nailing the manual focus, and adjusting to using a manual aperture ring as well.

PS. RCMA (Rhythm City Mess Around) 2012 was a blast. The photos above is just a preview of the photos I took that weekend.

Class, Fundraiser, and Looking Right in Dublin

Dublin City Street

Gotta love Dublin. There’s so much drinking and dancing in such a small area that one can hardly sit still long enough to realize just how much euro one has really spent (fyi, it was a lot). I was able to fly to Dublin (albeit after a bit of stand-by ticket scare) and attend the Dublin Lindy Exchange to meet some dancers from across the Atlantic. Having never been to Herrang dance camp, it is such a great feeling to meet lindy hoppers from so many other countries in one location having the time of their lives. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about dancing in Europe. I have only ever danced in North America so I did not know if my dance style would mesh well with other dancers. I often get this feeling when out traveling to unfamiliar dance scenes. I always chalk it up to the “big dance pond” syndrome that I self-conscientiously get. The Dublin dancers were great however and were very hospitable from the moment we arrived to the Pillars Room to the very last dance of the weekend.

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My, my, aren’t they something?

*Updated* Now with video! Check it after the jump.

After missing out on the Toronto Lindy Hop Homegrown Cabaret last year and hearing the post-excitement after, I was looking forward to participating in the event with the University of Toronto swing club as a performer, a photographer, and as a DJ. To top it off, I hosted the Hamfats first late-night blues party; the perfect ending to an awesome weekend. Read More…

Sister, Sister. Too great.

TIP: Watch it again and again. It gets better each time I watch it. :)

The opportunity to put this up in all its glory is too great, it just had to be its own post. Dancers Krister Shalm and Vincent Lemieux did an awesome job with this routine and had my sides hurting. The best part? I have a video… complete in HD! Check out the giant pic after the jump… Read More…