Blues 2 @ Swing ConneXion


Fondations Blues 2 est la suite naturelle du premier volet de la série ou s’adresse à des danseurs qui ont déjà une compréhension solide de la connexion lead/follow. Nous allons nous concentrer sur des mouvements en position fermée autant qu’ouverte et sur la qualité de votre mouvement pour groover sur les planchers! Chaque cours dédiera aussi du temps à expliquer les types variés de musique blues.

Lundi le 13 janvier 2014
Heure: 20:30
Nombre de semaines: 6
Durée: 1h30
Prix pour non-étudiant: 110$ | Prix pour étudiant: 90$


Class I’d Like to Teach

At Harbour Dance Center in Vancouver

I’ve always thought that majority of hip hop classes that I’ve taken were not actually directly applicable to why I like dancing – people. Most commercial hip hop and jazz (not jass) classes are really about one thing – learning how to learn choreography. The problem is, I’m never going to bust out a sequence that I learned on the dance floor. That is of course, unless the exact same song is spun from the DJ at a club then I’m cursing myself for not paying more attention. Read More…

Students Don’t Need Convincing

lindy hop class in toronto

(Thanks Kevin Sue for the picture. Note: this picture is not a picture from the lindy hop class).

Tomorrow will be the last class I will be filling in for Bees Knees beginner lindy hop class on Monday nights. Kathleen and I were temporarily filling in for May/June this summer and usually after the class we go through a post-mortem analysis of what happened and what we could do better. One of the key discoveries that we found was that the students who come to these beginner lindy hop classes were already excited about learning the dance. They didn’t need convincing. In fact, most likely they are looking for any reason to continue taking the dance class so that they can tell their friends to join in as well. When we figured this out, it made teaching the class flow more naturally and more importantly, we could just be ourselves. The pressure was off our shoulders to try to continue to get students for future classes and we could instead focus on providing a valuable lesson.

When you love the dance so much that it comes out of your pores, you do not need to convince students this is an awesome dance for x/y/z reasons. They will see it and feel it from you. Then, they will tell their friends ;-).

The more I teach, the more I recognize that compared to great teachers in Toronto like Mandi and Arthur, I flat out suck at it. I over analyze movement and often go a bit overboard on my explanations. I’m working on it though. :-)