Café – 49th Parallel


Gearing up for a short trip to Seattle and then Vancouver this week. One thing that I am always excited for when I travel to the west coast (besides home cooked meals from my parents) are the amazing coffee shops seemingly in every street corner. One in particular I really enjoy in Vancouver is 49th Parallel Coffee.

The location on Main street randomly has a Lucky’s donut shop built into it which gives the entire building a nice scent of coffee beans and sugary goodness. The atmosphere of the building is… very west coast (?)… wood furniture, open space, baristas with full on beards and people all dressed up just to drink coffee. Great place to just hang out and enjoy a shot or two.

Speaking of the coffee, I reckon because they roast their own beans, the espresso shots are always that much better than most cafés back home. It’s always hard to remember what they exactly taste like but I do remember it being very smooth and full bodied rather than the usual bitterness that is Starbucks. A local café here in Montreal, Cafe Myriade, actually uses their coffee beans as their primary source, but it doesn’t quite taste the same. Their syphon coffees are incredible though.

When you’re out in Vancouver next, definitely check them out.