Swing Connexion Cabaret Performance


I am incredibly proud of having the cabaret performance troupe run by Myriam Baril and myself having come in first place at this year’s CSC cabaret division. It was quite a bit different style of cabaret than the “usual cabaret” of CSC so we came into the competition without any expectation. A lot of the movements in the choreography had our personality stamp on it so it is a great feeling to be acknowledged for the ideas we pieced together.

Doing this choreography has really been a great experience in trying to meld in some traditional jazz steps with more contemporary movements. The next one I think will be even better… so keep your eyes peeled for the audition announcement at the end of summer.

Special thanks to Maryse Lebeau of Swing Connexion for the original concept and involving us in the project to start with.

Our CSC performance:

Our first run-through performance at the Rialto: