Burlesque Dance Quick Thought

I had the pleasure to watch the modern day burlesque dancer Bella Blue in New Orleans two times this year and even take a class from her during the Rhythmic Arts Festival and it made me think that why are we not learning more of this type of dancing (guys and girls). There is so much to pick up and learn that you can definitely apply in other dance styles like salsa, blues, and hip hop. Unlike the popular class in hip hop studios nowadays, “pussy-cat dolls lady hip hop”, burlesque dancing is just cool without trying to be cool. It’s sexy and full of personality while still remaining classy and in control.

A lot of great movement concepts and ideas can be borrowed from this dance form and I’ll be keeping an eye out for ideas and moves to steal and incorporate into my own dancing. It doesn’t hurt that its nice look at dancers like Bella Blue either though.

Bella Blue in New Orleans

Bella Blue at ULHS from Harbord Hamfats on Vimeo.

Here’s another angle of the classic fan dance:

Classic Fan Dance from Bella Blue on Vimeo.