Sweet Molasses and Boston NOMNOMNOM


I had the great opportunity to head on down to Boston for the Sweet Molasses blues weekend last week and had a smokin’ good time. I made a decision to not do the workshops this time around and just eat my way around the city and some of the highlights include:

  • Lobsters rolls! They were a bit expensive ($20-30) but oh my were they ever so amazing.
  • Lobster in everything!
  • Spilling spicy cajun sauce (from a mussels dish) all over my shirt and shorts.
  • Lobster macaroni and cheese… a mountain of cheese.
  • Late night chinese food (haha yes I know) after the loft parties.
  • I was a bit disappointed in the coffee in the city with the exception of The Thinking Cup but that’s because they use Stumptown’s coffee beans so it was a bit of the familiar.

    I highly recommend eating around this fantastic city but not if you are budget conscience traveller. You’re just not going to be able to enjoy seafood here without dropping some dime.

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