Blues Dancing in Montreal (Early 2013)

Blues dancing in Montreal 2013

When I first moved to Montreal, Javiera ran a once a month blues dance at Pub Brouhahahahahaahha. Now a year and half later, there are a shit-ton of blues related shenanigans going on in the city. So if you are thinking about making the trek up here (out of town) or if you already are winter-proofed (locals), here is a quick overview of what’s happening. For a complete calendar of blues dancing events in Montreal (and other Canadian cities) check out the bluespage of .

Weekly Socials and Events

  • Live Blues at Petit Medley, second and fourth Mondays of the month. Previously it was a once a month gig at Gainzbar, Elizabeth is going buck wild and doubling the fun. Gainzbar was a bit… “cozy”… so the venue has now been changed to long time dance venue staple Le Petit Medley just across the street. UPDATE: For January it’s on during January 7th and 28th, then it will be second and fourth. Or so says Elizabeth.
  • Brouhahahahahaahaha, usually twice a month on Sundays just before live blues on Mondays. It sometimes changes in terms of weeks so check on the calendar for confirmed dates.
  • Cats Corner Late Night, second and fourth fridays of the month. Usually starting around midnight at Cats Corner, it’s a smaller blues “late night after the lindy hop dance” event.
  • L’Artere Blues, live blues with one of our local bands. This is a new event so I’m not exactly sure if this will be a regular event but the first one is on the last friday of the month.

Regular Classes

  • Cats Corner Blues Troupe, we have auditions coming up on January 8th for the winter semester and after that there are regular troupe classes every Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm.
  • Studio 88 Blues 2 – blues classes starting on January 29th at the world famous Studio 88 taught by Martin Fortin and Catherine Vourlessis

Special Workshops

  • Damon Stone Workshop, February 16th-17th. Run by Javiera! You should probably go to this workshop.
  • Montreal Bagels and Blues, April 26th-28th. You already know and are going to this event… so I don’t even know why I wrote this ;-)

Tired of trying to find the blues dance events in Montreal on Facebook? I know I am haha. So for a short-cut, just check out the bluespage of where I do all the facebook diggin’ for you!

Here’s a youtube clip to put on the background while you re-organize your calendar around:


Your New Years Resolution

Sundays – Blues (Brouhaha), Lindy Hop vintage/fast swing night (Swing Connexion)

Tuesdays – Swing (Le Petit Medley), West Coast Swing (Dance Conmigo)

Wednesdays – Lindy Hop w. live music (Les Bobards)

Thursdays – Lindy Hop (Le Rialto, once a month), West Coast Swing (Studio 88)

Fridays – Lindy Hop (Cats Corner), Blues (some late nights at Cats Corner)

Saturdays – Swing (Studio 88)

Original list by Balboa Fred!

The Essentials

Every two to three weeks, my life transforms into a TLC reality show episode – if I had to pick, probably most like DC Cupcakes. There is usually a seemingly easy enough challenge that I tackle head on with enthusiasm, the moment of anticipated shock when that challenge is… well a challenge, the crisis that usually involves some sort of comedic mishap and eventually a resolution with a bow of a life lesson learned to top it off.

In this episode, my partner in crime, Kevin Sue, went to some random event called “Boston Tea Party” (heh) leaving me to run the blues dance solo. Sounds easy enough right, I’ve run this event a bunch of times now that it’s pretty self sufficient… bzzzzt wrong. No cashbox, no cooler, no water, no car, and no emergency engineer to fix things that break. I found out that I had an alarming lack of knowledge of how audio equipment actually works (I’m good at plugging in my iphone to DJ, that’s about it) and I’m pretty sure that the Hobos outside of Habeebas Dance Studio were multiplying in real time as they smelled my stress level increasing.

Unfortunately, that’s just my personality – I sweat the big stuff, the small stuff, and even the non-stuff stuff (don’t ask). Fortunately, my girl Genevieve (who also taught the lesson last night with me) kept me sane behind the scenes by basically running around town with me doing errands hours before the event and reminding me to chill the eff out. This definitely rings true to me one day after the event as I reckon that even if all the big/small/non-stuff stuff didn’t work out, most likely people would still had had a kick-ass time dancing and partying.

I didn’t need an awesome check-in system form (google docs does rock though) that time stamps when dancers arrive, a piece of scrap paper and pen was more than adequate. Ditto for the cashbox (replacement: plastic tupperware), drinks to sell (replacement: “here’s a cup and a pen to write your name on it”), basic knowledge of audio tech (replacement: “plug in everything until it works”) or even drop-in teachers (replacement: me). Those are just nice to have features at a dance but sometimes you gotta just head back to the essentials. And sometimes, you just need a good old TLC episode to bring it back to what’s important.

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That was a hot night


At our dance venue on Yonge & Bloor, people mess around with the temperature of the studio all the time. To combat this, Kevin Sue installed a case-lock around the studio thermostat so that you would need a key to open the case to be able to have access to the studio heating system. Great idea in practicality, except when the key is no where to be found. So if you went to the drop-in lesson and live blues dance last night (and why wouldn’t you have gone?) and were sweating buckets, there was a greater force at work :-)

But yah what a night eh? Brian Cober and Aslan Gotov, for their first time playing for us blues dancers in Toronto, were great great great. Everybody was walking up to me throughout the night and asking where I found them. Well, actually, my israeli friend Kim found them but they have been playing in venues all around Toronto for a while now (ie. Grossmans Tavern). If you know more great blues musicians, remember to refer them to me!

So What Else is New?

I’m a big fan of statistics. It allows me to accurate gauge how many people we will have turn out for our blues dances in Toronto (2nd and 4th fridays of the month) as well as provide a good base when deciding on what to focus on next. Some key milestones in the past six months include actually hiring musicians to play for us, expanding to twice a month dances instead of once a month, and having out-of-town instructors to come and teach workshops. Without accurate record keeping for making decisions, I might have been tempted to attempt to grow too fast and too soon. Nobody likes an poorly attended dance.

There are a number of important stats that have pretty much shaped our blues scene to what is today but none more than the image above. 61% of our dancers in the blues scene are females. 47% percent are females between the ages of 18-34. My goal for this upcoming few months is to make whole wack-load of new dance friends. Male dance friends. A daunting task even for myself, but when there is a will (and the dollars and cents), there is a way.