My story, like all good stories, begins with a girl.

I went to my first dance class in university because my best friend really liked this girl and needed a wingman. Even though I was dreading going and making a fool out of myself, bros must always have each other’s back. No exceptions.

So I fumbled around for an hour and made sure to apologize to each partner during class rotations. Despite my total lack of coordination, I was finding that I was actually having a lot of fun. By the end of the beginner drop-in lesson, I knew I was hooked for life. Luckily, when I started really getting into learning how to dance, a lot of my friends were dance instructors (swing, salsa, hip hop) and were amazing in sharing their time and experience with me.

I really enjoy performing. Whether that is front of the stage or in a competition. There’s nothing like the adrenaline dump of being yourself moving to music.

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I got into photography because I wanted to share with my friends and family the activity that I spent all my time doing. It was crazy that I was dedicating countless hours and many full weekends dancing and having zero physical evidence besides a continually decreasing bank account balance.

Today, photography has become my second passion and every day I try to get just a little bit better at it. I love nerding out about light, depth of field, and figuring out the best way to drop “bokeh” in every conversation.

Loving What You Do

People always ask me why I’m always full of zaniness when I’m on the dance floor or taking photos. Well I’ll tell you that on my journey to become a dancer and photographer, I’ve gone through a lot of bumps and bruises, highs and lows. It’s not all just about having a great time at the dance or making fists full of dollars. At the end of the day, nothing gets my adrenaline pumping like being in the studio just practicing, up on stage performing, or hearing the shutter clicking. I wake up every morning and I have a check list of things that I want to do be better at in my dancing or photography. That’s probably why I love it so much – there’s always something new to learn or something old to improve upon.

Constantly refining and re-inventing yourself. It’s fun, it really is.