Westttt Coasstttt

Having a blast so far at Montreal Dance Fest run by Davis Thurber et company. While truth be told I don’t really get WCS, I always get excited watching great dancers showcase their craft. I have not been to a WCS event in many years, so it was a nice just to be in a different dance scene environment and meet new people. The Montreal Dance Fest is also a balboa and lindy hop/blues dance event and The Fried Bananas from Boston (with some local musician accompaniment) were killing it on Saturday night. I should have taken some photos but the lighting was set to mood lighting or something and I didn’t bring my flash. Drats.

Random fun fact – I did a Lindy Hop Jack and Jill and Strictly last night and one of the dancers in the same heat as me was Nick Williams. FUN right!??

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