The Man, the Myth, the Dargoff?


This was the very first shot that I took during the Lindy Bout weekend. Usually before I start shooting, I like to take a couple of test shots and play with some knobs and buttons to try to get the settings right, or make it seem like I know what I’m doing (really, what I’m doing is checking to make sure I have a memory card actually in the camera… long story).

However, as soon as I looked at my viewfinder for image “DSC0001”, I was blown away by the random happenstance of colours working together. Coincidently, there was this small stage light (behind the speakers) shining right into Dargoff’s face, making that the focus of the image… which also coincidently made me chuckle because of Dargoff’s smile-smirk. *chuckle chuckle*


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