Solo Blues Cuttin’ Competitions

Two men enter, one man leaves

From the BluesShout website:

Solo Blues Cuttin’ Contest – This is a solo dance contest – no partner required. You may dance in any style of Blues dance. The music selected by our DJs will span the range of the Blues genres and tempos. Judges will select finalists from the preliminary rounds based on Blues Aesthetic, Musicality, Creativity, and Interaction, but the finals will be audience-judged. Please note that dancers in the preliminary rounds who do not respect the social rules of a cuttin’ contest will be judged accordingly

Solo Blues Class

Joe and Nelle's solo (but together) dance class

Solo Blues Cuttin Competition

Beer before the class... ;)

Solo Blues Cuttin Competition

Ruby Red showing how it's done

Solo Blues Cuttin Competition

Low down battle!

Solo Blues Cuttin Competition

Amanda and my man John Joven

Solo Blues Cuttin Competition

Sexy Mamas!

Solo Blues Cuttin Competition

Check out Tina's reaction..

Joy Orico, blues dancer extrodinaire

Listening to competition rules

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  1. Terra

    Nell and Joel are cool eh? I met them in Colorado last summer. Nell thought I was from DC, man was I flattered!

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