Soft Light and Baby Baskets

Last week I shot my first baby portraiture and wouldn’t you have guessed… the baby didn’t explode into a million pieces! *achievement unlocked*!

Truth, when I first got the request to shoot baby Jane, I was a bit nervous. I’m fairly positive that my home insurance wouldn’t cover exploding babies as a workplace accident. Babies smell fear and uncertainty. Or so I’ve been told. So overcoming those feelings of uncertainty for me is about being overly-prepared.

To make sure I had my chops ready for the day, I shot various test shots and lighting setups with my trusty angry bird plush doll (which is a bit bigger than the actual baby) and settled upon a beauty dish acting as a big softbox (with the cloth diffuser) and a second light to separate the subject from the white background. For the overhead shots, it was a bit easier. I simply moved the main light slightly overhead and turned off the second light.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the results of the shoot. A nice baby basket & blanket, some well positioned soft lighting, and an adorable little baby and you got yourself a quick and fun portraiture set.

The lighting setup:

Baby Jane Light Setup

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