Look Ma, No Flash

So I’ve been experimenting around with taking photos is horrible light conditions the past couple of weeks. A typical scenario would either be [very low light + crazy neon strobes +fog machines] or [super low light, weird lamp bulbs in a corner of a room, sweaty room]. Worst. I know. The funny part was that a year ago I was all obsessed with being a “strobist” and attaching flashes to every crook a rubber band or clamp would allow. Now, it just seems like too much work to lug them around with me.

The picture above is of my co-worker, Taylor, and his band Tea and Coffee. They headlined last night at Rancho Relaxo, which is what you would call a more intimate venue than most rock bars in Toronto. My SB900 flash would have not only blinded the band, but most likely the entire crowd as well (note: yes I still don’t know how to dial down ;). Click here for a higher res photo sample.

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