Life and Times of Shorty George (the cat)



I got a new kitty about two months ago named Shorty George when I moved into my new place in the Plateau. He’s a little menace. I don’t understand how a living creature has infinity energy but Shorty George does. However, he is pretty popular with the ladies…

Been working on finishing a group gospel routine and I have to say I’m pretty proud of the work put in by the group. It was tricky getting it started due to the nature of the routine (“what is a gospel routine? how is this related to lindy hop or blues? who are you again???”) and I had to do a little bit of campaigning to convince dancers to join me in this adventure but I’m glad everything worked out. We’ll be performing it at Swing L’ete this upcoming Saturday so come check us out. We’re going to be all churchy and stuff. It might be super hot that day so if we pass out in full costume, send help, it’s not part of the churchy show.

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