Hamfats 2009 in Videos (Part 3)

A quick end of three-parter post of 2009 in review. This time, its about some of my favourite videos the past year. The first two parts were in pictures. :)

  1. http://hamfats.ca/photography/hamfats-2009-in-photos-part-1
  2. http://hamfats.ca/photography/hamfats-2009-in-photos-part-2

Mike & Casey – Friday Night Demo

Toronto Frankie Manning Shim Sham

Peter Strom and Naomi Uyama

African Fantasy

I <3 Frida

BluesShout 2009 – Joe and Nelle – Slow Drag Demo

New Orleans Dancing


  1. Alisha

    I think this is the routine I saw them do at Frankie 95 – so wonderfully original and authentically vintage at the same time :)

  2. My fav.

  3. Frida == the bomb.
    Watching her is amazing.

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