Hamfats 2009 in Photos (Part 2)


One of my aspiring core values that really started dictating my actions in 2009 was pursuing growth and embracing change. Being for the most part an introverted person, it was hard to find my place when I first moved out to Toronto due to the lack of really hardcore training groups. Of course, there were like a four dozen mambo groups but I had just moved from training and taking classes in NY (frankie!!) and wanted a bit of a change from body isolation and combination exercises 438957x a day. It is worth to note that I did have a brief stint with IFS and have nothing but good things to say about them. To pursue growth in my art, I started self-training and collaborating with others rather than just completely rely on an instructor to tell me what to do and what to learn. Some projects failed for sure. And it was not the “LoLFail” type of fail. Theey were genuine, “did not work out at all and its better to start over again than try to salvage” type of fail. They were tough learning experiences but necessary now that I have the benefit of hindsight.

So what’s the plan for this new year? One part will be to continue finding new challenges and take classes/learning opportunities that put me out of my comfort zone. Wackin’? And oh yea, to always make sure I do not forget to pack my sb900 flash… until I win the lottery and buy myself the D3s.

Waterloo Dance
1. Dancing in Waterloo. Marika and Jeff!

2. Eric and Edina at Lindy Bout 3. Vancouver dancers and instructors who have pretty much everyone who’s ever learned lindy hop the past four years. I wish I had their ENDLESS CARDIO omfg.

3. Posing after the Blues Blast blues jack and jills. Me sporting my SLE shirt!

4. The first time I participated in a solo blues cuttin class. THUNDERDOME! This class seriously blew a synapsis fuse or two in my brain (in a good way).

TLH Homegrown Cabaret
5. Toronto Home Grown Cabaret!

Steven & Virginie
6. Steven and Virginie Toronto Weekend. I’m pretty sure all male swing dancers wanted to be a cool cat like Steven at one point.

Kevin's Fundraiser
7. So Kevin owns a dance studio on Yonge/Bloor with his wife NaYoung. I am currently squatting there. You think I’m kidding but I’m not ;)

8. Halloween dance in Hamilton.

9. My good irish friend Laura leading a latin line dance at my old place at 333 Harbord. Good times :D

10. Krister and Heather from the University of Toronto Swing Club. Besides being the tallest pair of dancers in the known universe, they are also wonderful people and great ambassadors for swing dancing in Toronto.

united salseros
11. Kevin and Olivier from United Saleros. Great salsa dancers and very personable people :) I’m pretty sure that Olivier is getting some kidney shots in this picture.

Swing Out to Victory
12. Swing Out to Victory 2009. A swing dance at the WW2 Warplane/Heritage Museum.

shim sham winners
13. The official winners of the world shim sham championship in Kingston… heh ;)

Salsa at Dovercourt
14. Sunday social at Dovercourt. The best and most authentic mambo dance in the city can be found on sunday afternoon at the most popular dance venue.

movie time in ottawa
15. Blues Blast in Ottawa… what was this clip/movie called again?

Lindy Bout
16. Lindy Bout, if you didn’t know, is Vancouver’s biggest and baddest competition weekend. Even though the city is often overshadowed by the powerhouse scene known as “Seattle”, I’m proud to say that the Canadian dancers are able to hang with “the best of them”.

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  1. Alisha

    Hey Randy,
    The clip in pic #15 is from the movie TAP with Gregory Hines, and Sammy Davis Jr which kicks ass – we were watching the “Challenge” scene.

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