Getting Out of the Way and Getting it Done

Finally going to be in Toronto for an extended period for the rest of May and June. The past month and a bit has been pretty busy for me in terms of travel: Austin, Ottawa, Montreal, and Amsterdam. It’ll be good to be back at home and the studio to work on some ideas stewing around in my head. I also have a bunch of blog posts that I should have written while traveling but I have this uncanny ability slash weakness to fall asleep as soon as I get on a plane. In lieu, here are a few quick notes.

Our blues dance at Yonge & Bloor Blues is still a work in progress. We finally cemented a consistent date for our dance – the “first friday” of the month. It was quite a bit of effort trying to collaborate and meet with the various dance organizations and factions in Toronto but it looks like things are settling in. Toronto Swing/Simon/Dovercourt now hosts monthly blues dances on the “third friday” so now it looks like we have blues dances twice a month on fridays in Toronto. Huzzah. \o/

Blues Solo Jam Toronto

For our May blues dance, we held a solo blues jam mini competition at our last dance. I’ll let Kevin “Fats” Temple write more about it at a future blog post but it looks like (from the photos the other Kevin took) people were receptive to the idea of solo blues dancing. Excellent…

Across the highway in the cities of Hamilton/Waterloo, David Trinh and Martha (‘Pa and ‘Ma) are inspiring me to work even smarter in being part of my own scene here. They are pushing to bring musicians and dancers closer together which is a win-win situation any way you look at it. It’s exciting to see other people excited about dancing and building their respective dance community. I can already see, as our two scenes grow, we’ll be feeding off each other’s enthusiasm (and ideas).

Heard a great band trio last night with Roberta Hunt and Toby Hughes in Hamilton. Very danceable! Highly recommended band!

(picture of a bike I took in Alkmaar, Netherlands).

I’ve always lived in a big city yet I’ve never used bicycles as a mode of transportation. I think this summer I’m going to purchase a bike. Recommendations? I don’t know the first thing about owning a bike in the city and I have fears of breaking my face on concrete but I think this should work out. haha.

Amsterdam is great. I will be back (thanks Gen <3).


  1. Looks like you had a fun trip, Randy. I’ll be interested to hear the tips about bike buying; I’m a bike n00b too but have been interested in purchasing one for a while.

    Welcome back!

  2. Kevin Sue

    Get a Trek bike. I’ve got a 4300. They’re pretty good as they have entry level branded components (shifters etc). A front suspension is all you need (to save your wrists). A rear suspension is nice if you plan some serious downhill action, but it just adds weight, and a heavy bike is ass. Whatever you put down, add an extra 20-25% for a bike lock. You’ll need it if you plan to leave it anywhere in Toronto.

    Anyways, plan to drop about $400 to 600 in total for something that won’t fall apart.

    You can try mine sometime after I get it fixed. My brother in law kind of wrecked it. He wrecked himself too, so I guess now he doesn’t have to worry about being conscripted.

  3. Hey Michael thanks for the comment. Where do you keep your travel/dance/navy pictures? I’d be interested in checking them out too :)

  4. @Kevin how bout a city bike? I don’t foresee myself trekkin’ with my bike haha..

  5. Hey Randy, Krister just bought a new bike and did a heap of research. Could be a good person for you to talk to about bikes : )

  6. Krister

    I just got the Trek 7200 and have been loving it. It is a good city bike. Make sure you buy from a shop that will provide at least one year of free tune ups. I got mine at Cycle Path on the Danforth and they offer two years of free tune ups.

  7. Martha

    Since when are Dave and I “Pa and ‘Ma” HAHAHHAHAHHA

    Bikes are awesome. Mine was free and it kicks ass! There’s a place in KW that fixes up old bikes and sells them really cheap and they’re really good and less that $100. But then it’s in KW….

  8. Krister

    I just got a Trk 7.1 and love it. It is a hybrid/city bike. Cycle path and Sweet Petes are good stores to check out. Cycle Path offers two years of free tune ups.

  9. I just bought a Batavus city dutch bike!!

  10. ma and pa from the countryside (waterloo).

  11. Krister

    Cool. Those are pretty funky bikes.

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