Quick Thought on Curating


How do you strike a balance between your signal and your noise?

I’ve been thinking a lot these days of curating my photography before posting them up on social media sites like Facebook, and to even more to an extent, on Hamfats.ca. I like to think in my own head that describing the process for choosing which photos to showcase and which photos is akin to black magic or alchemy – it doesn’t make any sense but in our imagination it does. It’s a constant balancing act of trying to find the right ingredients to catch people’s eyes or just saying fuck it and run with what I’ve got.

In the world of independent artists (read: our income depends on constant lead generation), people’s attention is a finite resource that must be smartly used. We all have those friends that constantly just post things non-stop (whether that is about dancing or another art) that their voice just becomes noise. At the same time, there is a need to show our progress and work to the world due to genuine excitement for our own progress as artists. Hmm…

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