Building Rapport with Your Subjects (or not)

So I’ve been gobbling up photography books and making sure I do my homework on popular photoblogs and what all the experts say is that I should build a rapport with my subjects to make them feel more at ease when taking shots of them. The problem is, this only works if you are less awkward than your subjects. You see where I’m getting at here? So I thought of a new tactic tonight while shooting some class photos for the Toronto International Academy – basically be the “barely-there camera button pusher man” and let the subjects do all the work themselves.

Ahh… to be a paid “professional photographer” is a sweet, sweet job.

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  1. Kevin Sue

    Yeah, um, I think the idea behind building rapport is that if your subject ‘trusts’ you, they’ll be themselves, which is what you want to convey in your pictures.

    That is, unless, they’re a professional actor/model and they’re actually cooler/scarier/sexier/hipper by pretending to be someone else.

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