Zoofest’s PR Blunder (aka Win for Live Jass Music)

Working as an customer advocate for one of the most customer-service conscience companies in the world (FreshBooks wut!) day in and day out, I am always blown away when companies these days try to get away with just piss poor decisions.

A couple of weeks ago I was surfing the Facebooks and saw this:

Upon reading this message, I actually felt angry for Meschiya Lake and her band and embarrassed for our music scene. Here she was coming all the way to the great white north (Canadia land) and getting screwed over by the Zoofest music promoters. The business of live music, to me, should be fairly straight forward – party A provides a service that party B pays for. If we want to get more kick ass musicians to play for our scenes, whether they are local talent or imported from the States, our cities can’t be known for screwing over the musicians.

What ended up happening was that the Montreal swing dance scene pretty much bombarded the Zoofest Facebook Fan Page with comments requesting that they do the right thing and pay up!

In the end, everything worked out well as Zoofest did pay up, but it always makes me wonder why they weren’t just honest and straight up with the situation in the first place.