Montreal Swing Riot 2012 – Lindy Hoppers vs. Street Dancers

Check out this video from the battle featuring Montreal lindy hoppers versus street dancers that happened at Cats Corner the past weekend. There are all kinds of awesomeness here.


  1. This was the shit! I must have more information. Who are all these people, and where can I find more videos of them doing their respective things?!

  2. These are street dancers from Montreal Eryn :-) The styles are popping, locking, whackin’, and I believe crunk.

  3. I realize they’re street dancers :P I guess I was wondering if any of the dancers, lindyhoppers or street dancers, had a Youtube presence, because as an American I don’t recognize any of them (yet).

    Either way, nice shots and I’m glad you caught this!

  4. Street Dancers: Ricky “Bowtox” Saint-Jusna, Steve “SoulControl” Poirier,
    Sandy “Did” Béland, Michel “Boombeast” Lim, Mecdy “Venom” Jean-Pierre, Martine “Cherry” Bruneau

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