Rock, Paper, Shotgun

taken with my trusty iphone

Usually I am faced with the same recurring two choices in my day to day life: dance or shoot photos? As you may already know, my default choice usually is to dance. It doesn’t really matter what situation it is to be perfectly honest. Walk by a great live band? Start dancing. Hear an awesome song at HMV? Swing outs. Being asked a question you do not have an answer for? Solo charleston. Awkward pause in the conversation? Flail arms wildly (aka wackin’).

The past year or so have seen the slight pause of my decision making process to ask myself if this would be a pristine opportunity to get some shooting time in. This decision is actually a lot easier to make because more often than not, I forget to commission my slaves to carry my behemoth of a camera to actually take a picture. Fifty percent of the time that I think I should probably take out my camera, I don’t actually have it with me (bad photographer I know) so that only leaves the other half with the possibility of actually doing something about it.

Now that I’m living in Montréal however, a surprisingly THIRD choice has sprung up – chill the eff out and enjoy myself. Maybe it’s the culture here rubbing off on me but I’ve been less inclined to flail around or be that guy sticking a huge lens in front of your face in Montréal. Don’t get me wrong, I still do those two things all the time, but having a third option has been… liberating?

Good thing I still have my iPhone though.

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