Bagels, Troupe, And Misc Thoughts


If y’all are coming up to Montréal for the blues dance event in under two weeks time, you should probably know that the two best places to get bagels in the city are St. Viateur Bagels and Fairmount Bagels. I don’t really have a preference yet, as both of them are stupendously dee-lish, but the key things to know about the two places are:

  • They are both open 24/7! Perfect for late night snacky snacks or in-between dance munchies to soak up the adult beverages.
  • If you don’t know which flavour to get, you can never go wrong with sesame.
  • St. Viateur is on 1127 Mont. Royal East or 263 St. Viateur West.
  • Fairmount Bagels is on 74 Fairmount West.
  • They are two are super close to each, just in case you wanted to do your own taste test.

The blues troupe that Gen and I have been working on this year are performing on Saturday night. Cheer them on as we are very proud of their progress! Not everything wen’t smoothly however as we actually had a lead drop-out two weeks before the performance. So… I will be doing a cameo appearance ala Quentin Tarantino. It’s a pretty neat routine set in a restaurant (you’ll see…). Check out a sample shot of the “rich people” Robyn and Alex L. up above. One day… a Firefly blues performance. Mark my words.

I’m teaching at MezzJelly! Wahoo, I’m internet famous now!


Seriously though, take my class. Papa needs a brand new set of studio lights…

A month or so ago, Caroline Rossi set up a quick routine for us to perform at a charity function. Check it out… just in case you can’t tell who I am, I’m the short asian guy on the far left… :


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