Social Butterfly (Dance Card) Event

United Salseros hosted an awesome event last night that involved the use of “dance cards” and an emphasis on making sure that beginner dancers have a good time.

There were dance hosts consisting of “regulars” in the Toronto salsa scene who were instructed to actively seek out the beginners who usually fall by the wayside during normal socials and club events. Definitely, one of the best dance ideas I have seen executed in a long time in the world of social dancing.



  1. Wow, I wish we had such events in Vancouver! I didn’t even know people still knew what dance cards were haha

  2. Alisha

    I like the dance cards idea – we should try it sometime at DCH – maybe bring it up to Shaggy?

  3. Maria

    I agree with Alisha, that’s a really good idea for any social-dancing type of event!

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