Teaching in Saguenay


Last week Myriam and I got the great opportunity to teach in Saguenay for their “Jazz Me If You Can” workshop. A large focus of the workshop was on a particular theme that I personally love – solllooooo dancinnggggggg!

Myriam and I created a solo routine for beginners and a routine for more experienced dancers for the workshop. I love the process of creating so much because I get to really solidify the moves that I already do with coming up with new movement ideas. As teachers, it’s always a bit of a struggle to find the right difficulty level for a group of students that we are not familiar with but the participants in Saguenay were amazingly game for anything and everything – including the newer dancers!

Speaking of the newer dancers, I messed up my first class of the workshop by teaching the harder material (I got confused as to which class was which). Ouch! I know.

But wait!

The students of the less experience track were so enthusiastic and determined to get all the choreography that I honestly didn’t even know I was teaching the wrong material until after the class ended. Haha. It could have been a disaster but based on the feedback I got from some of the participants, they actually enjoyed the challenge.

So amazing. Wonder if that happened in Montréal would I have gotten the same reaction.

Teaching in a pre-dominantly french speaking city made me realize just how badly I need to work on my own french language skills. Even though I mostly understand when people are talking to me in French, my brain just doesn’t process the language fast enough for me to reply. It’s a bit embarrassing so I need to start taking this more seriously again even just for the sole purpose of answering student’s questions while teaching rather than looking blankly at Myriam.

Thanks so much to Sophie and Saguenay Swing for inviting us – you have an amazingly friendly scene and we were very happy to share our love of dance with your students.


There was a charleston competition during the event and these fine folks were the victors!



Some pictures from our classes. Yes, the positioning of the tag is on my crotch on one picture.

Two weeks ago I was in commercial film shoot for Les Chaussures where I played as a dance double for a french comedian named Booder.

Now I have never been hired to be a dance double for somebody before, but I think this is something I can get really used to. I don’t have to worry about my facial expressions, remembering any lines, or running into the right formation. I just show up, do my dancey dance thing and everyone is super happy. The only sucky part is all the waiting before doing my thing but I guess that’s part of the biz (haha I said “biz”).

Pretty much they filmed my butt and feet for my part of the film. Yes, I’m a butt double like Joey from friends (with pants on though!). I can finally cross that off my bucket list. I’ll post the video up once they finish it :)

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