Starting from Scratch – Part Deux


It has been an interesting process being part of a dance troupe’s infant stages. There’s so much time and energy invested into just getting something started that it’s easy to overlook the rewards at the end of the day.

Here is the first real performance routine of Toronto’s “student group”. There’s a few hiccups and some performance jitters for sure, and I mess up a whole bunch of times but all in all, we were all proud of ourselves for actually finishing a routine for LindyStock.

Did you know that two of our members are excellent musicians? In this video, Roslyn and Jasper, from The Hot 6, performs a gypsy jazz version of “Minor Swing” during Lindy Stock.

Lindy Stock DJ Battle

You might be asking, what the heck is that main picture of this post about? Well this weekend, I also participated in the DJ Battle with Swing and Tap’s Phil B. Now while the guy on the right of the picture is not Phil (it’s actually David T), I found the picture of me so ridiculously stupid that I just had to use it (thanks Tien for uploading it). The most memorable part about that DJ battle was when Phil and I were taking turns playing songs. You really take your game another level in that kind of environment and Phil played some really amazing songs that I mentally wrote down when he wasn’t looking.


  1. Krister

    The DJ battle was awesome. Definitely the dance highlight of the weekend for me. Good energy. Good fun. Congrats on a job well done Randy (and Phil).

  2. Maria

    G’Job, g’job!

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