Mike and Casey Workshop Weekend

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On January 2-4, Toronto had its first workshop weekend of the year with Mike Faltesek and Casey Schneider from Seattle coming for the first time. It was the typical workshop format: Friday/Saturday dance with workshops in during the day on Saturday/Sunday. Since the workshops were geared towards the audience, it was more on the beginner-intermediate level. I am not saying I am an advance lindy-hopper by any stretch of the imagination, just my observation.

I was really glad to hear about this workshop was happening last month because I love going to Falty’s workshops. The first ever workshop weekend that I ever attended was when I was just first starting to learn Lindy-Hop in Vancouver. Ever since then I have always tried to make it out to his workshops because the way he teaches just makes sense to me as well as his actual dance style fits my personality.

Toronto needs more workshops from teachers such as Mike and Casey. We need more inspiration and different ideas as to what Lindy-Hop dancing could be. I feel that Toronto lindy-hoppers are a bit stuck on their dancing and that more workshops from great instructors will help spark a lindy-revolution in our scene.

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Friday night dance demo

Tranky Doo Performance

Workshop Reviews

Here are a few video reviews of the workshops:

Black Bottom

The Black Bottom originated in New Orleans in the 1900s. The dance became a sensation and overtook the popularity of the Charleston, eventually becoming the number one social dance.

The Return of the Tandem

A Mellow Dicty

Mike & Casey Last Words For Toronto


  1. Cool! any chance we can see Mike&Casey’s improv at the Friday night dance?


  2. btw. I’m so jealous of your D90…

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