Hobos and Vagabonds


“Swing du businessman” preview show by Swing Connexion at the event “Dig Tha Feet 2013”, featuring Myriam Baril, Randy Panté & Zack Richard – “the Hobo Routine”.

Working on this routine with Zack and Myriam as one piece of of our show was a real joy simply because we got to work on our hobo characters as well as our dance choreography. Growing up, I was never one of those artsy students who did drama or music. Computers, video games, and ninjas were pretty much all I ever thought about until I started dancing in university. So it was painful at first trying to come up with this routine because I didn’t really get what I was supposed to be doing versus what I already do anyways. Am I a dancer playing a hobo or a a real life vagabond playing a dancer?

I guess a little bit of both?

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