I Got Rhythm Performance at MDF



Swing Connexion performed one of our routines at Montreal Dance Fest – “I’ve Got Rhythm”. While team performances are still fairly nerve racking for me because I never want to let my teammates down, this time around I felt fairly confident that I wasn’t going to fall off the stage. Okay, yes I know there was no stage this time around but if there were, I wasn’t going to fall off it.

There were three aerials that we had to do for this routine – the backflip, the pancake, and the dive-jump. The backflip and the dive-pop, I got that like butter on toast. The pancake however… yarrrghhhhhhhh! The mechanics of this aerial is fairly simple but for some reason, I can only really get it right about 75% of the time. While three out of four attempts ain’t too bad, you can be sure that the fourth attempt will be during the performance each and every time. Yargh.

Overall though I’m pretty pleased at our run – there were some formation issues here and there but nothing overwhelmingly glaring mistakes and we all felt pretty good about it.

PS – You should join one of the billion swing troupes here in Montréal, it’s a lot of fun!

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