Dancing your pants off

With the lack of any Lindy dancing this summer, it was great to enjoy 5 hours of hot dances to some hot jazz…on concrete. You could not get any better than being able to dance under the sun on the streets with one of the swingiest bands in Vancouver, the Company B jazz band. It was so hot, I literally danced out of my pants. Thanks Cara (and thanks for Bedo being close by). :P


  1. Gabrielle

    Who are those ladies with the FABULOUS outfits? :D
    I really am curious as to where they got those dresses…

  2. What happened to your pants? wtf!

  3. @Gabrielle.
    That’s the Company B jazz band. I heart how ridiculously awesome (and attractive!) they are. At one point two of them went down and danced to their own music.
    Listen to their music here: http://www.myspace.com/companybband

  4. @Randy The dancing was just that good!

  5. Gabrielle

    They are indeed quite pretty, but I am more interested in the dresses ;)

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