Celebrating Small Wins

I look stooopid.

Something I am trying to work on for myself this year is to continually celebrate small wins when it comes to dance, dance organization, and dance photography. Sometimes when I think of the monumental goals ahead of me in my day to day life such as, “build a blues scene”, or “start making a profit on my dancing”, or “be awesommeeeeee already”, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. So I stopped worrying and stressin’ and decided to focus on what I can get done this week. When it’s done, I celebrate (high fives, drinks, pork bone soup, etc). It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish when you have other things done from your list. Momentum fuels motivation which in turn keeps up inspiration. And as well all know, inspiration a wonderful thing.

What did you celebrate this week?


  1. Kathleen

    I like this picture. :)

    *high five*

  2. Kevin Sue

    Yeah, the photographer is awesome!!!

  3. I’m celebrating the opportunity to teach regular beginner lindy hop classes in Toronto. Thanks Mandi and Bees Knees Dance :)

  4. Randy where did you get that shirt.

  5. threadless!

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