5 Funk / Soul Videos to Steal Moves From

No matter how great solo movements that I pick up from afro-cuban, mambo, jass, and blues are, I always try to bring it all back my all-time favourite – funk (locking) and soul. To be honest, I have been neglecting training/practicing/geeking out this year, and its churnin’ me up inside. This upcoming summer however, as the classes and traveling start to wind down, I’m coming back home. Cuz it ain’t nothing but a chicken wing without soul.

2. Origins of the Moonwalk

3. Hilty & Bosch – Red Bull BC One 2005

4. Boogie Soul

5. P-Lock again.

P lock is my hero. <3


  1. Krister

    Hey Randy, I can definitely see the P Lock influence on your dancing. I shall call you R Lock from now on.

  2. Michael Q

    Awesome post. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from hip hop and cwalking lately, which first struck me as odd, but makes so much sense now. It’s all connected!

    Sweet videos and thanks for the inspiration. I plan to level up my solo dancing during the summer too!

    Any videos of you solo dancing? I’d love to see the locking influence translated to jazz movement.

  3. Hey Michael, there are videos of me solo dancing but none of me solo dancing well. ;)

  4. Hot! I want to start working on my solo dancing now.

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