Canadian Swing Championships 2014 Videos

I was able to film a bunch of routines and finals when I wasn’t out there myself competing. Check them out here:

“I Want You Back” Performance at BluesSHOUT!

When Myriam and I set out to choreograph to this song, we didn’t expect any real kind of reception and were just more than happy just to work on our dancing. So I’m super grateful that so many of my peers are sharing our work and giving us so much love because I really feel that this routine really represents us – not only as dancers but as human beings as well.

BluesSHOUT! 2014 Videos

Just recently returned from the awesome trip, nay, pilgrimage to BluesSHOUT! and all I can think about is how fast I can post these awesome videos that I’ve been watching on loop on the flight home! Check them out below:

BluesSHOUT! 2014 – Strictly Invitational from on Vimeo.

BluesSHOUT 2014! – Solo Cuttin’ from on Vimeo.

BluesSHOUT 2014! – J&J Invitational from on Vimeo.

MBB 2014 Performances

Woot! You might have already seen them online but check out the videos of our performances for Montréal Bagel and Blues. What a fantastic group of dancers and a fun spring learning and drinking with these fine folks. We even had two dancers from Toronto come up and learn the choreography with us (shout-outs to Kevin and Kathleen!).

Black & Tan Fantasy – MBB 2014 from on Vimeo.

Black Rattler – Swing Connexion Blues Troupe Spring 2014 from on Vimeo.

As always, we are always looking for new dancers for our next projects. If solo dancing or partnered blues is something that you want to do, give us a shout at:

Weed Smokers Dream – Solo Slow Jazz Class Recap

Weed Smokers Dream… Porto Swing! – Class Recap from on Vimeo.

Here is the class recap video of the solo slow jazz routine we taught in Quebec City a few weeks back. We worked on slowing movements down and being very purposeful in steps and arm stylings as well as emphasizing more intricate movements instead of large over-the-top stuff you usually see in solo slow jazz/blues. :) Hope you like it.

Snowbound Blues 2013 – Jungle Blues Class

This is a fun little class I had the good opportunity to help in titled, “The Jungle Blues”. I truly heart solo dancing so I was pretty amped when I found out that I would be doing the advanced track of the solo portion of the weekend. While I do enjoy teaching solo dancing for beginners, I know that what really motivates me is when I’m really pushing myself as a teacher and showing what can be possible movement wise in such a short amount of class time. There’s a lot of curating going on for solo classes – what to teach (and what to spend time working details on), what to just show and move on, and ultimately, what to cut altogether.

In terms of choreography and inspiration, I wanted to have one foot in the past and one foot in the present in terms of what types of movement I would be showing. I focused a lot on hips/arm movements that I thought that majority of the dancers could walk away from the class being a little better at while at the same time really being mindful of fundamental vernacular blues movements like fishtails, mooches, boogies, low downs and pivot steps.

Oh et juste pour rire, I threw in a hip thrust in there for good measure. Traditions are hard to break.

Overall I was really happy that most of the participants were able to get the choreography in the 45 or so minutes that I had with them and hope to have more opportunities to do these kinds of mini projects at blues events. I mean, I do this all the time in Montréal… but not everyone can be in my city all the time. Or can they? (see what I did there?).

Special thanks to Rebecca and Melanie for filming. :)