Canadian Swing Championships 2014 Mini-Recap

This year’s Canadian Swing Championships was fairly productive for myself and my dance partner Myriam. I placed first in the advanced Lindy Jack and Jill (woo…) while Myriam was in the finals for Solo Charleston and Solo Blues. We also won the Strictly Blues (confetti!) but that was more of us trying to get legitimacy for blues dancing in a swing dancing competition.

Myriam and I also made finals for Strictly Lindy and pretty much BOMBED our spotlights. There is no sugar-coating it – we were pretty bad. We couldn’t really get going with the music and truth be told our nerves got the best of us. We didn’t dance like how we dance and we looked intimidated out there. I’ll probably write an actual post about this topic in the near future – being yourself in the world of competing.

After a bit of mutual pep-talking and reminding ourselves why we are actually here (to dance), the Canadian Showcase finals went a lot better for us and really felt like we were out there showing our dancing. While we were a whisker away from placing (we ended up in fourth), we received a lot of great feedback which I feel will really improve our dancing for the next competition. While it’s not exactly where we want our dancing to be ideally, it’s still a marked improvement from our last CSC.

Lastly, our blues children also was able to place fourth in the Cabaret division with a pure solo blues routine which is a super big deal because again, Canadian Swing Championships doesn’t have any blues dance judges. I’m so incredibly proud of them and I only see good things in the future for our little team. :)

Photos from Marc-Antoine Jean Photographe

Private à Rabais – Levée de Fonds SCX

This is a real image

SCX veut aller performer à Camp Hollywood et vous pouvez les aider en vous faisant plaisir ! Du 2 au 8 juin TOUS les cours privés seront réduit à 40$ de l’heure, 25$ la demi-heure. Réservez tôt !

Écrivez à et indiquez:

  • vos disponibilités
  • le temps du ou des privé(s)
  • si vous voulez un lead, une follow ou les 2 comme profs
  • s’il y a lieu, vos profs de prédilections
  • s’il y a lieu, ce que vous voulez travailler/apprendre

Rialto 2014

Blues at the Rialto

Performing at the Rialto Theatre for the Swing Connexion Show is one of the highlights of the year for me. Not only is the Rialto Theatre one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever seen in my life, it’s also a great time to debut some of the routines I am working on or are a part of for the past couple of months. The show is also a super fun way to connect more with other dancers from the school that I have been watching working their butts off leading up to the event. Dancers from teams such as the Rising Stars and Balboa Connection.

Every time I get up on stage at the Rialto, I know it’s going to be an experience I will never forget. While it is all fine and dandy to perform at other dance venues around town, the fact that the audience are all dressed up and are sitting on actual chairs (instead of the floor like a school assembly), just makes the event feel more… authentic? Like how a real show should be.

In a random happenstance, I cut my right hand with a shard of glass while washing dishes a couple of days before the show. As they say however, the show must go on so that is why in the pictures and videos my right hand is wrapped in bandages. Some people came up to me at the end of the night and asked if it was a costume choice. Haha. Well I guess it was because I didn’t want to bleed all over my dance partners.

Black and Tan Fantasy – Solo Blues 2014.

“I Want You Back” Routine – Randy Panté and Myriam Baril.

Blues 2 @ Swing ConneXion


Fondations Blues 2 est la suite naturelle du premier volet de la série ou s’adresse à des danseurs qui ont déjà une compréhension solide de la connexion lead/follow. Nous allons nous concentrer sur des mouvements en position fermée autant qu’ouverte et sur la qualité de votre mouvement pour groover sur les planchers! Chaque cours dédiera aussi du temps à expliquer les types variés de musique blues.

Lundi le 13 janvier 2014
Heure: 20:30
Nombre de semaines: 6
Durée: 1h30
Prix pour non-étudiant: 110$ | Prix pour étudiant: 90$


Join the Partnered Blues Troupe in 2014!


Directed by Instructors/Choreographers: Randy Panté and Myriam Baril.

The Swing ConneXion Blues Troupe is an audition-based, partnered-blues dance group representing Montréal, Quebec. Our mission is to take Montréal’s blues dance scene to the next level through dance performances, training, and continual exploration of the beauty and humanity of african-american vernacular dances.

Our program includes:

* Weekly rehearsals at the Swing ConneXion studios.
* Continual fundamental blues dance technique exploration.
* Performance opportunities at the end of each project/choreography.
* Individual feedback and evaluations by the instructors.
* Fairly regular drinking outings (c’est blues!)…

If you are interested in auditioning for 2014, simply fill out the form below. If you have any questions, email or facebook message Randy (randypante@gmail) .

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Join My Solo Troupe in 2014!


Hey internet heads, I’m looking for new dancers for my next solo blues choreography (jazz-blues based) which will last about 2-3 months. If you are interested or want more information, simply navigate on the application link below:

If you like working hard and improving your solo dancing, this is a great opportunity to learn lots in a short period of time Maybe you’ll cry from the hard work but it will be tears of dance awesomeness.

It Don’t Mean A Thing… If It Ain’t Got That Swing!


Dans It Don’t Mean A Thing, découvrez les danses et la comédie muette des années 20 à travers l’histoire rocambolesque d’un commis de bureau étourdi qui tente désespérément de livrer un paquet à la bonne destination.

À travers cette entreprise en apparences simple, il rencontrera un gendarme amoureux; une patronne minuscule mais pas commode; une voyageuse à l’esprit large; un inventeur farfelu… Et bien d’autres personnages qui transformeront son voyage en aventure jazzée!

Mariant avec bonheur deux grands arts du début du XXe siècle – les danses jazz et les comédies muettes – It Don’t Mean A Thing vous fera sourire et vous étonnera. Avec la musique live du Early Jazz Band et la danse des champions de Swing ConneXion, dans un espace magnifique comme le Rialto, ce spectacle promet d’être absolument enchanteur!

Event Link:

* * * * * * * *

Discover the dances and silent comedy of the Roaring Twenties in “It Don’t Mean A Thing”, the crazy story of a clumsy office clerk who’s trying to get a package to its rightful owner.

Throughout this seemingly simple entreprise, he’ll meet a policeman in love; a boss who’s as little as she is mean; a traveler with a generous soul; a colorful inventor… And many other characters that will transform his trip into a dancing, jazzy adventure!

Efficiently blending two great arts of the 20th century – jazz dance and silent comedy – It Don’t Mean A Thing will make you laugh and gasp in astonishment. With the live music of the Early Jazz Band and the dancing of the Swing ConneXion international champions, in a place as beautiful as the Rialto Theater, this show promises to be one of the best you’ll see this year.

Event Link: