Canadian Swing Championships 2014 Mini-Recap

This year’s Canadian Swing Championships was fairly productive for myself and my dance partner Myriam. I placed first in the advanced Lindy Jack and Jill (woo…) while Myriam was in the finals for Solo Charleston and Solo Blues. We also won the Strictly Blues (confetti!) but that was more of us trying to get legitimacy for blues dancing in a swing dancing competition.

Myriam and I also made finals for Strictly Lindy and pretty much BOMBED our spotlights. There is no sugar-coating it – we were pretty bad. We couldn’t really get going with the music and truth be told our nerves got the best of us. We didn’t dance like how we dance and we looked intimidated out there. I’ll probably write an actual post about this topic in the near future – being yourself in the world of competing.

After a bit of mutual pep-talking and reminding ourselves why we are actually here (to dance), the Canadian Showcase finals went a lot better for us and really felt like we were out there showing our dancing. While we were a whisker away from placing (we ended up in fourth), we received a lot of great feedback which I feel will really improve our dancing for the next competition. While it’s not exactly where we want our dancing to be ideally, it’s still a marked improvement from our last CSC.

Lastly, our blues children also was able to place fourth in the Cabaret division with a pure solo blues routine which is a super big deal because again, Canadian Swing Championships doesn’t have any blues dance judges. I’m so incredibly proud of them and I only see good things in the future for our little team. :)

Photos from Marc-Antoine Jean Photographe

Doin’ the Jive – Party Rocking in Seattle 30’s style

One of the greatest things about living here on the West Coast, beyond the sun and mountains, is that Seattle, the mega hub of Lindy + Black Coffee, is only a 2.5 hour drive away.

Seattle punches me in the heart, as I fondly remember falling in love with Lindy with my first experience at Seattle Lindy Exchange in 2007. I will go down whenever I can, and as of recent, it’s been 3 our of the 4 weekends in a month! In my opinion, it is THE place to go for lindy hop because of it’s focus on the local scene. From beginners to internationally renowned instructors, everyone is great, and everyone is working on something all the time. It is inspiring to say the least.

Those of you in Toronto, will get a chance this weekend to experience a piece of Seattle this weekend, when I hear that Joshua ‘Black Coffee’ Welter is coming out there to teach the ‘Doin’ the Jive’ mob dance, created in Seattle, by Seattle dancers, and played by Seattle’s ‘Careless Lovers’.

I was so excited to hear that, I made a video for y’all and the Doin’ the Jive video from this weekend after the jump.

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