I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate


Good times at Blues Blast put on by Swing Dynamite in Ottawa. I feel like I am starting to get to know the Ottawa swing scene more and I was able to participate in DJing, class learning, social dancing, and competing.

I had a lot of fun spinning blues and soul this weekend. People were actually asking me the names of the songs that I was playing! That never happens (I’m awkward in social situations). Admittedly, my blues “all-music” knowledge (har har jk) isn’t as sharp as my jazz or mambo so I was not able to ramble on about musical references as I usually do. I need to start hitting the books again.

There were two competitions for this event – a Jack ‘n Jill blues contest and the Cuttin’ Contest (solo blues dancing). I am happy to report that I placed first in the cutting competition and third in the jack&jills with Miss Devon!


The following are some pictures from the event. To find more pictures navigate to: http://hamfats.ca/photos/shimmy-like-my-sister-kate .

If you are wondering why I am wearing glasses while dancing… oh there’s a story.

1. Taking a blues class in a latin club! Merecumbeeeeee!

Don and Ria
2. Our teachers Don and Ria!

Ottawa people are weird
3. [Left] “I have a question… what are the people on the right panel doing?”

Ria the bomb
4. Ria rocks out with her socks out.

Bryn is intimidating now!
5. Teacher Bryn dancing with Don!

chelsea and some dude
6. Chelsea dancing with some dude. They look like they are enjoying themselves!

cutting contest
7 and 7.5. Don shows us clips from the movie, “TAP!”. Cutting contest at its finest.


9. Najet the red rocket.

blues intensity is our middle name
10. whoa!

11. One of the only pictures I have of Damon. I was too busy having my brain dismembered by his awesome classes.

don the spinning machine
12. I love this Gene Kelly spin.

13. I’m holding the camera while taking the class.

14. [Left] I think I met this girl in Waterloo. [Right] We should have danced more!

15. Oz is awesome.

16. The above photo courtesy of Norman Lansing. A fellow dancer-photographer!

To find more pictures navigate to: http://hamfats.ca/photos/shimmy-like-my-sister-kate .


  1. Alisha

    You are the best…except there still need to be more pictures of me :p!

  2. Catherine

    Great pictures! And I agree, we should have danced more! CSC?

  3. @Catherine Sorry I will not be going to CSC. Lots of travel plans this spring though. You should come visit Toronto :)

  4. Joannie

    So many talents in one person, it almost isn’t fair ;) What are the next swing dancing/blues events you will attend?

  5. @Joannie Hey :) Thanks for the compliment you are too nice. I will be heading to Vancouver next weekend and then maybe Chicago for BluesShout. What about you? Are there any events going on in Montreal/Ottawa in the next little while? You could always visit me in Toronto :P

  6. Joannie

    Hey Randy! I am still looking for a job right now, and because I don’t know what my schedule will be, it is hard for me to plan to go to any event right now. But I really want to go to Blues Shout. I’ll let you know if I go! As for Toronto, I would like to come visit at least once this summer, so I will let you know if I do. Anything special happening this summer in Toronto?

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