Organizing Dance Events & Momentum

When you are organizing dance events, it’s important to keep things fresh as much as possible not just for yourself but also for the tireless volunteers to help out to make that dance event successful. Here are a few quick things that we did for the Yonge & Bloor Blues dance event, “Jelly Roll Blues” to keep things fresh.

New Blood – DJs and Volunteers

We got a new upcoming and blues DJ here in Toronto and his name is DJ Hong Kong John Wong! He’s super stoked about starting to DJ and honestly that enthusiasm is contagious. Of course we also have the ever talented and fellow hamfats blogger, Kevin “Fats” Temple, who comes every month from Kingston and spins some good oldies and newsies. Check out his previous blog post about ending a dance. With the cultivating of exciting blues djs, we are ensuring that future dances constantly changes and evolves musically and never gets stale.

We are also getting interested new blues dancers who want to help out and volunteer for the dance. Big win.

Sweets and Other Nick-Nacks

Jelly beans and jelly punch for the Jelly Roll Blues dance. Get it? We thought it was pretty clever ;) They were definitely a big hit and provided a nice place to hang out and chat when not dancing.

Facebook Advertisements

In order to spread the word about our dance, we started thinking of creative ways to promote our event on facebook. Here is one of our ads:

Not Stress about the Little Things (but it’s all about the little things)

The eventual goal of the monthly dance event is to have it run so smoothly that even if myself, Jaclyn, or Kevin Sue were not around, it should still be able to run without any difficulties. Part of that involves not worrying about every little detail but instead entrust and empower each organizer and volunteer to make decisions that affect the dance.

Pictures + Taggin’

People love seeing dance photos of themselves. We conscientiously tried to take as many photos as we could during the dance so that we would have something to share and talk about afterward.


Having lots and lots of content available for your group members and potential dancers keeps people interested in the dance, the culture, and community of your dance event.

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